Unemployed? How To Substitute Your Income Online If Your Job Has Been Affected By The Coronavirus

A form for in-person application from lost job.Customers needing to file for unemployment insurance are urged to apply online
In-Person Unemployment Services Suspended Due to Coronavirus. Those needing to file for unemployment insurance are urged to apply online. Here’s how you can make money as an online business.

Many businesses, jobs, and side hustles that you normally would consider low-risk and secure have now, practically overnight, became high-risk and potentially unsafe due to the blazing fast, highly contagious, and infectious disease — known as “Coronavirus” or COVID-19.

Many of us around the country & all around the world were encouraged by our leaders to “Work from Home” if possible.

Many companies across the states like Amazon, Google, and more sent hundreds of thousands, if not millions of it’s workers to “self-quarantine” at home until further notice.

But what about the majority of us who got our hours cut back, got laid off, or told we can’t work this week? And can’t work remotely?

We all know these employers ain’t planning on paying us if no one is working, yet none of our bills, obligations, or food on my table is going to pay itself.

Even those of us who don’t have jobs and provide freelancer services or small business owners that rely on in-person meetings or foot traffic had to cancel appointments and close doors.

A business owner is now unemplopyed from corona virus outbreak and stuggles to pay rent and wants to file claim.
Business & Coronavirus Update: Simple and profitable income substitute opportunities from the preventative health measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

I never ever expected something like this to happen in a million years. Even many stock traders and investing gurus who been preparing to get rich during the next recession weren’t prepared for this.

We are ALL, well….how do I put it, uh….. pretty much —


Lucky for you, reading this, I’m going to share with you 4 ways that should help you temporarily be able to hopefully replace your typical income.

They aren’t too hard. If you are reading this, you actually are probably 90% of the way qualified to get involved.

The last 10% requires precise hands, focus, decisiveness and dealing with strangers you never met who don’t even know of you yet.

I don’t know about you, but I made group chats to text my friends and family members and not a single one of them is is working except for the few in 1 industry.

They actually get to work


Guess what industry that is?

A business expert shares real predictions on Simple and profitable income substitute opportunities from COVID-19 outbreak.
The spread of coronavirus is affecting every industry. And jobs are at stake. But all is not lost if you have access to a computer and have decent typing skills. Business & Coronavirus Update: Simple and profitable income substitute opportunities from the preventative health measures to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus


Give yourself a cookie, if you guessed — the health industry.

Unfortunately they pretty much don’t have a choice. They are the ones who have the ability to get us out of this shit-hole situation faster, risking everything to do so.

They work long hours and have to test people for the dangerous coronavirus while wearing protective “space-looking radio active” gas suits; a very slow, tedious, and scrutinizing process considering, these suits must be swapped for a brand new, clean, and uncontaminated one for every person they have to test!

This job requires patience, precision and extreme focus to get through test for all these people with strange symptoms that want to know if they do or don’t have the virus.

But, anyways I got off-topic.

If you think you had a shot getting paid to test people with no experience or education for that career, it’s time to pinch yourself.

That is definitely not the way you will be replacing your income.

If you think you had a shot getting paid to test people with no experience or education for that career, it’s time to pinch yourself. That is definitely not the way you will be replacing your income.

I think we can ALL agree, the $30,000 per person that volunteers to join the pandemic rescue squad and test people for COVID-19 is just not worth it!!!

(Lol, JK. There is no pandemic rescue squad that pays $30,000 per volunteer program. At least that I know of, haha. Hopefully you didn’t get too fired up and start thinking about it…🧑‍🚀)


On a serious note, the reason I referenced this task is because I know some of you readers may also know a friend or family who is working in medical to aid the planet as well.

Millions of individuals are stepping it up for the billions that make up the human race.

So before I quickly share with you these 4 simple ways to substitute your income, I wanted to take a second for all of us; to recognize them, appreciate their sacrifices and express our gratitude to these real life heroes that are working their butts off , day in and day out — for all of us, as mankind💙

Now let's talk about getting these motherf**ckin’ bills paid and putting some food on the table —

WITHOUT racking up any more freakin’ debt (I’m still paying off student loans and I never even finished college) haha.

Unemployment Raises To All-Time High As People Struggle To Pay Rent Due To Coronavirus. Here’s what you can do

Just about every industry took a hit.

Even some of my favorite lucrative business models & lower barrier to enter side hustles took a major blow.

There are hundreds of high-profile new-sites and popular online forums that are sharing all the unforeseen hardships being endured.

Event host, E-commerce, Real Estate, D2D Sales, ATM Business owners, and many other individuals will have to adjust to avoid suffering a massive cash-loss.


These are hustles that typically have been recognized as the ideal go-to business/side hustle” to earn additional income without years of school for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Many of the normal jobs and business models becoming almost impossible to operate, or rather, at least extremely difficult or unpredictable to profit in during this uncertain amount of time — BUT there are a few that actually thrive in this economy. Some experts believe online marketplaces could be less impacted.

Business expert. Lightskin man 22 years old. Smiling selfie with orange background. Wearing diamond chain and black cap
22-year-old digital serial entrepreneur

Hi, I’m JoshKingMadrid @jetsetfly a digital marketer & CEO of multiple software companies after only 4 short years after dropping out of college. coming to you with 4 simple and profitable income substitute opportunities if you have become unemployed from the social distancing and other preventative health measures that may have hurt your income, to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

To be specific, right now I’m sharing with you:

4 unfamiliar ways to make some extra cash ONLINE

that have been around a long time and are proven, yet kept secret to most of the general public.

So if your job has been affected by the coronavirus — you can make money online and work from home.

Wondering how to make money during a pandemic?

Like actually.

Read on for four top online substitute income opportunity business ideas.

1. Webinar Training

Do you have a skill you can teach others?

You can set up an online course and market it online. Over 20,000,000 students and growing have been sent back home from schools around the country.

A majority of these students not only have been sent back home but also are out of their job and still have to pay bills too.

Maybe you’re 1 of them.

Most people are more likely to turn to virtual learning as the outbreak continues — not just the university’s online learning, but that includes learning from “How to” training videos online from other everyday people like you and me to pick up on cool, unique, odd, and even highly-specialized skills.

There’s a small group of people who cracked the code of selling these “how-to”’ online videos using a 1–2 hour LIVE presentation youtube stream that’s called a webinar.

Internet Entrepreneur Frank Kern Hosting a Live Webinar Training

A virtual webinar can be anything from teaching freelancers to write to digital marketing or even cooking. Just create a PowerPoint, explain what they will learn, film the training, find the right platform to upload your course material, manage clients and accept payments.

2. Become A Super Sales Affiliate

Partner up with influencers, brands and/or businesses and plug into their system.

If you’ve been dreaming up ideas for a great website or blog, now is the time to make it a reality. And if you already have an active blog or site, then considering affiliate marketing as a way to make money during the pandemic is a no brainer.

Here, you work by helping out share existing products by partnering up with influencers, brands and/or businesses that have a pre-existing affiliate partner program.

business experts & leaders speaking on stage in group photo. social media millionaires famous and well known industry leaders
Internet Entrepreneur Experts Like These Usually Have Products That You May Be Able To Promote With Proven Affiliate Marketing Systems

You mention and link their products or services in your content using a unique affiliate code. You’ll be paid every time someone buys these products or services through your link.

3. Get Paid By Business Owners To Generate Them Leads

Another great way to make money online during a pandemic is by collecting leads for business owners or for your own business to assert yourself as a Personal Authority.

You just need to create a sales funnel website using pre-made templates with a tool like this, and generate traffic by posting blogs or running ads, and collect leads that someone else will pay for.

Business owners will pay a lot of money for good leads because they have the potential to sell them and market to those leads for years to come, yet they don’t have the time to get leads themselves as they are too busy running their business.

tai lopez and his profit accelerator agency, PAA . sales on phone make money. troubled times plan
Tai Lopez is very popular in bringing Social Media Marketing Agency Services To The General Public With Things Like His PAA, SMMA, or DSMC Courses.

If you are getting leads for your own business, this is the time to assert yourself as a pro and gain an edge on your competitors. You may want to check Facebook, I heard they decided to give out loans, so you may end up as one of the lucky 1 of the 30,000 business that are receiving 1 of Facebooks multi-million dollar loans towards FREE ad credits.

For example, if you have a sales funnel website or blog getting leads that want to learn about life insurance. You can sell the leads to insurance companies. Apart from educating your visitors about insurance, you will also connect them with people who can help them and you will get paid for it.

4. Consulting

If you’re a specialist in a certain field, you can make money online as a consultant.

I personally have earned money from all 4 of these methods, but this by far is the one where customers will pay me the most. I’ve even helped some of my friends or old team employees close 6-figure deals as a social media or sales funnel consultant — meaning they usually don’t even do hands-on work, they just give people proven ideas that they know will work based off similar business case studies that they studied online.

Most people often underestimate themselves because they think they’re not important enough to help companies grow.

But, it’s really not that uncommon to find companies willing to pay for expertise such as digital marketing or social media marketing.

Think about it.

Most business owners have no idea how to even use social media. If you’re decently “tech-savvy” (aka know how to do research on your phone/computer and know how to post on social media) you will be set.

Many business owners that don’t rely purely on online traffic, know jack-shit about social media and online marketing.

You may be one of them…. Ouch.


GaryVee is one of the top digital marketing consulting and media agencies on Social Media.
GaryVee is one of the top digital marketing consulting and media agencies on Social Media. Vaynerchuk has inspirational advice and motivation for the everyday person who may be going through a tough time and want’s to get the ball rolling.

But, seriously we all have been severely affected during this outbreak and the only way to keep this economy going is by keeping small businesses running.

That means customers getting their problems solved by businesses and the people like yourself to get paid by the businesses for helping the customers achieve that and then you use that money for the problems you need to be solved at a different business.

Simple Economics.

I think…

I never paid attention in university because I was busy doing these 4 methods I shared with you, until, I eventually dropped out.

BUT — I definitely know you don’t need to be a super genius or computer coder to do any of these.

You also don’t need much, if any, money to start any of these.

You can start with little start-up money. Honestly you can really start for free if you do your research and any cost that come up you can usually push on to the business owners (they need it for tax write offs anyways) and on top of that these business will be more than willing to pay you hourly, commissions and/or write you a check and if you’re doing your job right, some will guarantee you a nice check, as a monthly retainer, as long as your continue help them connect with more people that need their services. It’s truly a win-win-win-win.

All 4 Of You Win During This COVID-19 Outbreak

1 - You win.

2 - The business owner wins.

3 - The customer wins.

4 - The 2020 economy WINS!

So what the hell you waiting for?

Put yourself out there to test the waters.

In this moment of time, you’re ass in quarantined and have nothing to lose.

Well actually…. you already have everything to possibly lose if you haven’t already lost it…. so I guess I should say—

F*ck it. Choose 1 of these 4 methods and DIVE in head first, actually.

Most of us have already “lost” by default.

So, really right NOW you have everything to GAIN!

You can only lose by not taking action, feeling sorry for yourself and letting this hard time get the best of you.

The coronavirus outbreak may affect your job. However, it can also be an eye-opener.

By learning how to make money online, you can test your true potential as an entrepreneur.

Want to learn more?

Go to www.jetsetfly.co/APP to take the online entrepreneur personality test.

This is a video exposing jetsetfly the entreprenuer flying on his jet from his event. This video about the 9to5scam
Who Is JetSetFly? AKA Joshua King Madrid. 22 Year Old Entrepreneur

This will give you clarity and information on the business model that may be most fitting for you to do based on your current habits, personality, and financial goals.

Once you get the quiz results, you will have the ability to join, TeamJetSet 2.0, my new online community, I’m building to bring together others affected by social distancing yet, still want to be apart of the action.

This is a social network app I built to bring together a BAD-ASS network where people can meet others, learn, grow, share information, set up events, collab/interview & sell.

JetSetFlys.com / TeamJetSet.com App Reviews

Hope to see you there.

Join here @ (TeamJetSet.com)

To your success,

Yours Truly — JoshKingMadrid @jetsetfly


22-year-old digital serial entrepreneur

Joshua King Madrid, 21, known professionally as @jetsetfly or JETSET, is a SAAS tech businessman & digital marketing consultant that was raised in Menifee, CA. At 18, he started his tech business endeavors from his University dorm room in Irvine, CA (2016); where he later left after only 4 short months. JetSetFly rose to attention & acclaim in 2017–18' when he launched his podcast as host of the (college) ‘Dropout Degree’ where he debates on his stance against the traditional higher-education school system. JetSetFly’s podcast quickly climbed the top charts and Ranked #9 on Business charts.

What you need to know about Josh King Madrid and his business endeavors.

forbes speaks on jetsetfly
Joshua King Madrid known professionally as JetSetFly. Named By Forbes.com as one of the best descriptions of branding success on social media today when it comes to personal-branding or self-promotion.

Host of top 10 business podcast on iTunes “The Dropout Degree”. Founder of the #1 rated business & personal branding 5,000+ attendee tour & M3 Accelerator conference. In July, 2018 , his ATM Business Start-Up Brand “ATMbusiness.org or @atms” peaked at number one in popularity on the U.S. & Global Rankings for most searched industry-related term on Google Trends. Former Co-Founder of Of 4,000+ Client & 10+ Coaching Staff Excommerce Consulting Agency (see 100’s of successful students here)

Currently: Serial Tech Founder/Co-Founder of Multiple Previous Software Affiliate Marketing Companies.

I run the listed below —


Clickmylink.bio ,

Dropautoship.com ,

ATMBusiness.org ,



JetSetFly Pandemic & Recession Proof Strategy To Replace Your income if you been laid off from corona virus outbreak JoshKing
As of 2020, JetSetFly or JoshKingMadrid is CEO of tech-marketing empire SalesFly Applications, a SAAS Empire, that operates many marketing & AI technology brands including FlyerFunnel.com, IgStories.com, ClickMyLink.Bio, ATMBusiness.Org, Advertuber.com, DropAutoship.com, TheSalesAffiliate.com, Tookover.com & PersonalAuthority.com

& Coming Soon In Near Future:

Tookover.com WhiteLabel Digital Media Marketing Agency Tool,

PersonalAuthority.com Branding Marketing Consulting Agency

TheSalesAffiliate.com DFY Affiliate Marketing Funnels

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading.

COVID-19, Stay informed.

The coronavirus pandemic is rapidly evolving. To stay informed, check the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as your local health department for updates. If you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed, reach out to the Crisis Text Line.

Visit CDC.gov

Visit crisistextline.org

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